Construction wage growth ‘double the national average’

Permanent and temporary wages have increased in last 12 months

Construction industry workers have seen their pay levels increase at twice the UK average over recent months, according to a new study.

Research  shows that some building professionals have benefited from wage rises of more than 10% over the last 12 months.

The results reflect rising activity levels within the UK construction industry, with employers aiming to secure skilled workers as they bid for new contracts.

Salaries in the construction industry are on the rise and are higher this year than the levels in 2014.

Now is “an opportune time” to enter the construction industry given that over the last 12 months, wages of construction employees have gone up by 8%.

Permanent and temporary staff members have enjoyed higher remuneration than the previous 12 months, with quantity surveyors in particular enjoying a huge boost given wages have increased by more than 45%.

Site managers have enjoyed a 26% rise in wages, while tenant liaison officers, business development managers and assistant quantity surveyors have all seen their wages go up by more than 20%.

With demand outstripping supply, this trend is likely to continue.

Additionally, given the skills shortage and government targets to create three million apprenticeships in the next five years, there is a great incentive for young people in particular to enter the industry in the form of apprenticeships, which will help secure the construction industry for a generation.

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