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London 7/7 bombings anniversary: We remember the 52 people killed in the terror attack a decade ago

At FOMAC we are remembering the single worst terrorist atrocity on British home soil that claimed the lives of 52 people and injured 700 more on 7 July 2005.

Today, commemorative services are planned across the capital as well as the ‘walk together’ initiative started by thinktank British Future.

The ‘Walk together’ initiative, is thought to recall the hours following the devastating attacks when thousands walked through London’s streets after public transport networks shut down. The hashtag #WalkTogether trended on Twitter in London for much of the morning as thousands photographed themselves taking part and shared their memories of the day a decade ago

It urges commuters to leave their Tubes a stop early and walk, remembering the afternoon of the attack when thousands took to London’s streets as public transport network shut.