Working with FOMAC

Why you should choose us

It has always been the common practice at FOMAC Construction Ltd. to enter into partnership agreements wherever possible. Creating an open and mutual agreement to which both parties benefit, we actively seek out partnerships with both existing and new Clients.

We know that it is our Client’s requirement that FOMAC Construction Ltd. provide a high level of service as a minimum. In order to guarantee that our pledges become a reality we actively look to communicate with our Clients and measure our performance through the setting of targets and on-going review.

A vital component of our quality management procedure is to record attendances on all of our sites, with our key performance indicator being the continuity of our Employees. It is our aim to ensure that our Clients are provided with the best possible service available. We achieve this by constantly benchmarking and reviewing each and every procedure. This certifies us that we are using the most innovative and best practice approach today.

Labourer Jobs in London

The benefits of partnering with FOMAC Construction LTD.

Despite the common misconception that agency workers are expensive, they in fact eradicate the many hidden costs of direct employment over and above salaries. By using agency workers you don’t need to worry about:

  1. Employee benefits, e.g. company car, health insurance, pension, performance related bonus scheme.
  2. Office accommodation and equipment.
  3. Statutory employee rights, e.g. paid annual leave, sick pay, payment in lieu of notice, and redundancy.
  4. Management overheads. e.g. payroll and tax administration, personal training development, keyman insurance.
  5. Permanent employees still have to be paid, even when they’re not busy. With agency staff, you pay only for the hours worked.

If you need specialist skilled staff FOMAC Construction Ltd. will be able to get you the right people for the right job at the right time – even if your need is urgent.

FOMAC Construction Ltd. will sift through and screen hundreds of resumes and CVs and interview candidates – saving you the time it would have taken for you to conduct this process yourself.

There is always the risk of making the wrong decision when recruiting for a permanent or temporary position. Such a mistake can result in expensive severance agreements, employment tribunals and the costs of re-recruitment. Using agency personnel gives you the opportunity to establish whether they meet your requirements before making a permanent appointment.


For over ten years FOMAC Construction Ltd. have been our primary supplier of construction operatives and remain our supplier of choice on all projects.

It is our view that FOMAC Construction Ltd. offer a sensible balance between cost and quality and are able to meet our requirements in full in the overwhelming majority of cases. On those very rare occasions when FOMAC Construction Ltd. are unable to source our requirements, rather than seek to supply inappropriate operatives, FOMAC’s approach is to advise us promptly thereby allowing us to pursue our secondary supplier and avoid needless distruption to our activities. This transparency on the part of FOMAC is particularly valued.

We have found FOMAC Construction Ltd’s management to be stable over a long period of time which has allowed us to build effective working relationships with their team. In particular, where problems do arise, their directors are always accessible, adopting a proactive, hands on approach to problem solving. This personal commitment to our business is highly valued and sets FOMAC apart from their competitors.

We have found FOMAC to be entirely honest and trustworthy partners throughout our period of association and have no hesitation of recommending them for similar such assignments.