Achilles Building Confidence Accreditation


Fomac Construction Limited – have achieved the standards set out for the Achilles Building Confidence Pre-Qualification audit for the construction industry in our recent re-audit in June 2018

The Building Confidence accreditation means that all aspects of the standard Pre-Qualification procedure are addressed such as:-

Quality of work – this is not just the quality attained but the ability to achieve this within the required budgets and timescales.

Health and Safety – rigorous policies are required to be in place

Environmental considerations – the organisation needs to demonstrate what measures it is taking to offset any potential harm being caused to the environment as a result of its activities.

Status – this includes investigation into the directors of the organisation and also its sub-contractors and how capable the entire organisation is to deliver the required levels of work.

Financial solidity – accounts, profits and insurances are examined in order to assess these meet the required levels

Equal opportunities employment – the organisation needs to demonstrate how it is complying with this government requirement.

Meeting all the requirements set out by the Achilles Building Confidence Accreditation means that Fomac Constriction  Ltd automatically qualify to tender for any work requiring a

PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) within the construction industry.