Specialist contractors see recruitment struggles hit 14-year high

Skills and Talent shortages within the Construction Industry

Recent Article by Construction Enquirer states:  “The number of specialist contractors struggling to recruit skilled labour is at its highest for 14 years according to the latest trade body survey. As a result of the yawning skills gap over a quarter of firms say they are being forced to turn down work”

The REC Jobs data proved that there are currently 47 areas of skills shortages, with construction falling into this, encompassing as it does a wide range of disciplines from structural engineering to architecture, bricklaying to surveying and has resulted in employers finding it difficult to recruit talent.

According to recent report by accountants KPMG and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), about 20{9b68ec6a284a99e195cc53b6cf4e68e8aaee37b7ffe464310a81063e6f004fa0} more construction managers, surveyors, electricians and other trades will be needed to meet demand, over the next four years, than were needed from 2010 to 2013.

This skills shortage has meant that 28{9b68ec6a284a99e195cc53b6cf4e68e8aaee37b7ffe464310a81063e6f004fa0} of firms complained they were unable to bid for work, which is higher than at any time since the recession.

So with skills and talent shortages hitting crisis point and the anticipated increase in workload in the next quarter, it is employers who are at the driving seat and the demand for staff will fuel pay growth.

The Growth Through People report by  the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has called for:

  • Employers to take a lead in improving skill levels
  • More vocational pathways to work
  • More integration between the worlds of work and education
  • More apprenticeships
  • Work experience to become an integral part of education

NSCC (National Specialist Contractors Council) Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol said “The growing construction market is great news for specialists contractors but we need to tackle head-on the skills crisis that is facing the industry. If we do not invest in recruiting and training people with the right skills, the industry will not be able to meet demand and this will impact on the wider UK economy”

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